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 Training & Education & Experientials

I  have been having inexplicable, non-local (the word Edgar Mitchell used to describe me) spiritual experiences my entire life.  Seeking an understanding of those gifts coupled with the need for personal healing on many levels led me to a spiritually-focused life.  In part summarized below, my offerings are a distillation of the best of that decades-long journey.  And this is the healing matrix I weave together, as guided, and share with you in service to all my relations.

Certified Intuitive Strategist/Integrative Soul Technology Facilitator - Academy for the Soul

Christel Hughes & the Academy Master Teachers - excellent programs, all of which I highly recommend

Akashic Records Certification

Transforming Galactic Soul Contracts; Discovering Your Star Origins;

            Recognizing Extraterrestial Frequencies - Debbie Solaris

Using Tarot and Other Cards in the Akashic Records - Debbie Ritter via Linda Howe

Akashic Records Practitioner; Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner; Healing Through the Akashic Records                    Certifications - Amy Mak via Linda Howe

Akashic Records Practitioner & Alchemist - Emily Harrison

How to Read the Akashic Records - Linda Howe

Akashic Records Made Easy - Sandra Anne Taylor

Neo-Shamanism Related/Themed

Numerous - Alberto Villoldo

The Deathless Elixir of Immortality - Alberto Villoldo & Robert Thurman

Tracking the Unseen:  A 28 Day Shamanic Journey - Denise Linn

Sandra Ingerman - numerous

Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying & the Afterlife; Dreaming the Soul Back Home - Robert Moss


The Crystal Initiate (formerly Becoming the Human Crystal) - Samaya K. Aster (formally Naisha Ahsian)

Certified Crystal Healer (3 x); Healing Crystals for our Animal Companions; Crystal Shadow Work

            - Ashley Leavy, founder of the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

Basic Crystal Users Course - Crystal Vaults

Crystals Made Easy - Judy Hall

Pranic Crystal Healing - Institute for Inner Studies

Angels & Fairies

Advanced Angel Card Mastery; Certified Angel Guide and more - Kyle Gray

Meet The Archangels; How The Angels Can Help You; Angel Path to Ascension - Diana Cooper

Angel Intuitive; Certified Fairyologist - Doreen Virtue, Charles Virtue

Certified Angel Card Reader - Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine

Tarot & Oracle Card Reading

Using Tarot and Other Cards in the Akashic Records - Debbie Ritter via Linda Howe

Total Tarot - The Door to the Best Psychic Readings Ever - Sharon Anne Klinger

The Certified Card Reader Online Course - Sharon Anne Klinger, Sandra Anne Taylor, Kyle Gray,

              Denise Linn, Radleigh Valentine, Colette Baron-Reid, Karen Kay, Chris-Anne & more

Personal Mastery (updated) - Oracle School with Colette Baron-Reid

Personal Mastery, Shared Wisdom - Oracle School - Colette Baron-Reid

Awakening with Tarot - Seda Unlucay

Elemental Space Clearing - Denise Linn


Building Personal Resilience; Add Heart Facilitator Training Program - Heartmath Certified Mentor

Trauma Relief for Humanitarians


Reiki Tummo 1, 2, 3A, Meditation and Kundalini - Dorinda Fabian

Karuna 1 and 2 - Theresa Young

Usui Reiki Master - various


Pranic Healing - The Institue for Inner Studies, Inc .

Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Psychic Self-Defense, Pranic Psycotherapy, Arhatic Yoga Preparatory


Basic Acupressure; Intermediate Acupressure - Canadian Acupressure College

Acupressure Self Care; Acupressure Meridian Training Circle - Michael Reed Gach


Alchemy of Herbal Medicine; and miscellaneous webinars - Seraphina Capranos

Rosemary Gladstar’s The Science & Art of Herbalism  (2 x, once solo and once with Saci Spindler)

Practical Herbalist - Don Ollsin

Basic Herbalism - The Waldorf School

Travel Required

Mt. Shasta Alchemy Immersion 2020 - Emily Harrison of The Akashic Academy

Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood Sacred Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Dr. Joe Dispenza Week Long Advanced Retreat - Vancouver

Science and Spirituality Conference - Nanaimo

Come Alive Program - The Haven, Gabriola Island

EFT/Tapping Levels 1 & 2 - Craig Weiner & Alina Frank/EFT Tapping Training Institute - Hollyhock

Co-ordinate Remote Viewing Phase I & II - David Morehouse - UBC, Vancouver

Swim With Wild Dolphins/Monroe Inst. Meditations - Joan Ocean - Captain Cook, Hawaii

Gateway Voyage Program - The Monroe Institute - Nancy Penn Centre - Faber , Virginia

The Prophet's Conference - Victoria, BC, 2001

Supplemental Training, Courses & Workshops

Plant Communication 101 - Godelieve Willer & Margo Fraser

Meggan Watterson - Divine Feminine Oracle

Rebecca Campbell - numerous

Zoe Davenport - numerous, all of which are wonderful

CE5 Contact Conference; Cosmic Consciousness:  A Course In Advanced Mantra Meditation; Remote Viewing:                Cosmic Consciousness & Contact, The Lost Century Webinar - Dr. Steven Greer and friends

Unified Science Course - Resonance Science Foundation - Nassim Haramein

Healing Shadow Self - Meg Benedicte

Quan Yin Transmissions - Foundation Level - Alana Fairchild

Ho'oponopono Practitioner & Advanced Certification - Dr. Joe Vitale & Mathew Dixon 

Trees as Messangers - Ana Maria Vasquez

Crystalline DNA Mastery Class; Mastery Empowerment; Level Up! - Sandra Walter

Silver Dragon Stargate 1 Mentorship program:  The Sophia Code - Kaia Ra

Gene Keys:  A Deep Dive into the Activation Sequence - Richard Rudd

Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensive - Shauna Janz & Tamira Cousett

Foundations of Ritual, Ancestor Medicine - Daniel Foor

Discover Your Cosmic Blueprint - Rebecca Campbell 

Ascension Mystery School - David Wilcock

Psychic Development: Opening to Your Sixth Sense - Sharon Klinger 

Applied Astrology - Debra Silverman

Power of 8 2018 Masterclass (1 year long) & Become A Better Healer - Lynne McTaggart

Intensive and Progressive Workshops; Think Greater; Making Your Mind Matter - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Living in Awe and Wonder - Matthew Fox, Patricia Cota Robles and Sister Jenna

Human by Design - Gregg Braden

Feminine Fire Empowerment - Devaa Haley Mitchell

Mindfulness Daily (1 year long program) - Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

Invision Process - Colette Baron-Reid

Tantric Touch - Psalm Isadora

Psychic Mediumship; Psychic Development - Julian Jenkins

Eden Energy Medicine: Personal Journey to Health & Vitality - Donna Eden

Psychic Intuitive Certification, Psychic Portals and more - James Van Praagh

Energy Balancing For Natural Health- James Minckler

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