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Iris Sirianni, Victoria, BC

I rate Teresa 10 Stars. She has a such a calming demeanor.

You can't help but instantly trust her.

Yoga Moma, Victoria, BC

Thank you so incredibly much for your generosity, wisdom and fabulous reading today!  It was such a treat to see you in your element sharing one of your MANY talents and gifts.  The understanding of past, present and future left me with optimism, strength and relief.  I look forward to more.  Thank you 1000 times over.  You are such a blessing to this planet.

Janine B, Victoria, BC

All I can say is wow . . .  and thank you!  Teresa has an undeniable gift of presence, kindness & care.  Her nurturing nature immediately puts you at ease & creates a sense of safety and security.  Her abilities are unique, undeniable and extremely valuable - this woman is a healer in a world that needs healing.  I look forward to exploring future services with Teresa & sharing my positive experiences with others.  Thank you Teresa for sharing your gift with me.

Karen S, Victoria, BC

Teresa is a highly skilled intuitive.  She has a huge range of abilities & keeps herself current through her many trainings, updates & connections.  He knowledge is extraordinary.  I had a reiki session with Teresa to shift an illness that just wouldn't let go.  Afterwards I got well within a day.  Teresa is a clear channel and has lovely energy.  A session with her is really enjoyable as well as informative.  I recommend her highly.

R. Madison, Victoria, BC

Teresa gave an inspiring Tarot reading.

She is a deep and curious truth seeker

with enthusiam and a keen insight.

LS, Victoria, BC

I recently put my home up for sale for the second time in 2 years, the first time I was not at all successful.  This time, after only 1 showing in 3 weeks, I knew I needed help and asked Teresa to do a house clearing.  She came well prepared, having meditated, gathered the elements she would use that were perfect for me, my cat and my home.  She thought of everything, including a prayer bundle for my cat who needs a new, loving home.  The items she brought - flowers, a shell, candle, bells, crystal essence mister, and more were ones I could relate to personally and the ritual she performed was very special.  The house felt divine and within 2 hours 2 people had booked showings.  There have since been 10 more people through, all with positive things to say!  I am looking forward to a sale soon which I am sure will come because of Teresa's clearing.  It was a lovely session.