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Soul Integrations, Shadow Energy Work

Very deep, helps you break free of stubborn patterns and the feelings of fracture & incompleteness.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 177 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

Are parts of you locked in the past and need reclaiming? Do you have stubborn, unwanted traits, habits or patterns of behaviour? Do you have stuck emotions, outdated beliefs or negative mental self-talk that continually get in the way of whom you want to be and where you want to go? Do you have repeating patterns in your life's relationships, workplace scenarios, romances, finances, and health saying to yourself "Hey, I thought I dealt with this already!" Would you be surprised to find the origin of these could be in a past life, a parallel life, or even something inherited from your mother's or father's genealogical lines? Regardless of when the seed was planted, we can shift it for you! Are you ready for this life-changing opportunity? Whenever any unresolved strong emotion or trauma is experienced, in order to protect us from fully experiencing the trauma, parts of the psyche and energy fragment off into what are called personas. Left untreated, the persona's belief systems stay locked in place, glued by emotions felt during the original event. They take on a life of their own, hijack our energy and choices and are easily and automatically triggered by similar situations in repeated responses, behaviours and manifestations. So our energy stays stuck, blocked and restricted and we are confined to a lesser version of whom we are meant to be: enjoying our freedom of expression and living up to our fullest potential. Integrative Soul technology is a combination of NLP, hypnotherapy, guided imagery, therapeutic imagery, intuition and energy work. We quickly and effectively transform and upgrade the limiting shadow personas so they no longer bind us to the past but actually support and empower us. All sessions are via Zoom, and a video recording can be sent to you afterwards.

Cancellation Policy

I will happily reschedule your appointment. Life happens!

Contact Details

Victoria, BC, Canada

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