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Heartmath Heart Coherence Teaching

Create heart-brain coherence with easy-to-learn techniques that will benefit all areas of your life.

  • 1 hour
  • 99 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom or outdoors in nice weather

Service Description

All services should start here imho! As a licensed HeartMath Certified Mentor again & again I engage clients with the transformational potential of HeartMath techniques. HeartMath offers a system of science-based, coherence-building skills designed to use on the go to help you bring your physical, mental & emotional systems into balanced alignment & connect with your heart's intuitive guidance. This is about coherence ~ - an easy flow of energy between your head & your heart - facilitated with a regenerative emotion such as love, caring, or compassion - feeling active, engaged, alert & focused These highly successful techniques are much more than breathing, relaxation or having a lower heart rate. The key to the techniques is their simplicity for effective self-empowerment. Typical benefits people notice (most within 2 weeks of practice) ~ - increases access to intuitive intelligence which facilitates better communication, enhances well-being & has a positive impact on health - facilitates awakening your highest potential for becoming more of who you truly are - a deeper connection with your authentic self - enhances & deepens your ability to connect with your heart for increased self- awareness & self-reflection - supports expanded awareness & richer textures that reside within - increases compassion, confidence & fulfillment - more ease, inner peace & helps quiet the mind - increased composure & calm - improves family & social harmony - less friction in relationships - creates more of the heart qualities and outcomes you want more of in your life - more positive attitudes - supports building a new baseline of resilience, which is essential for sustaining positive changes with calm, ease & patience - more alertness & improved brain function - better focus & decision making - enhances the ability to think clearly & find better solutions - builds your capacity to choose how to respond at any moment - enhanced ability to maintain composure during challenges - rise above daily challenges & pressures - better self-regulation of emotions so you experience less stress - improves coordination & reaction times - better sleep - reduces fatigue and exhaustion, adds energy to our 'batteries' - promotes your body's natural regenerative processes One-hour-long Zoom sessions include a video recording sent to you afterwards. Includes PDF handouts to support your new skills. Follow-up sessions teach more techniques!

Cancellation Policy

I will happily reschedule your appointment. Life happens!

Contact Details

Victoria, BC, Canada

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