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StarFire Cellular Illuminations


  • 1 hour
  • 177 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

NOW IS THE TIME TO CONSCIOUSLY UNITE OUR PHYSICAL BODIES WITH SACRED LIGHT AS HOMO LUMINOUS! (This picture shows what I see during sessions) This 1-hour transformative session with Teresa K is designed to re-awaken the trillions of stars within you so you can shine brilliantly as the star that you are. Creatrix/Creator birthed you into being, a sacred unification of stardust and your unique and precious soul. We will amplify your soul’s cosmic crystalline bridge of light with the Great Central Sun. Accessing the gateway to Divinity, we will ignite your heart (Christ light), your connection with your higher self, your guides, angels and other loving and powerful cosmic co-creative collaborators. You will flow inwards and expand with this enlightened illumination experience of your eternal self as truth and light. Connecting your body with the Divine naturally unlocks and supports your light codes, Lightbody and your unique expression of Spirit. The specific benefits are unique as it is based on your Starseed template and what you came here to do on and with Earth/Terra/Gaia and all of our relations. This Transfiguration gift awakens the very stars that exist in each of your body's cells. This opens you up to the freedom of living your best and highest timeline. Trust your higher self knows exactly what is needed when you reach for the stars because the stars that you are reaching for are you! This could be your favourite life - so let's do everything we can to support that. All sessions include the Zoom video recording sent to you afterwards. Includes a bonus: 11-page PDF with a detailed and expanded explanation, and one card from an Oracle deck that volunteers itself to support your session.

Cancellation Policy

I will happily reschedule your appointment. Life happens!

Contact Details

Victoria, BC, Canada

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