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A Multi-Dimensional Odyssey


  • 45 minutes
  • 150 Canadian dollars
  • Zoom

Service Description

This is a 45-minute session in which you will be gently guided on a journey flowing & dissolving into your multi-dimensional self. Step by step, dimension by dimension you will awaken to these inner & outer worlds you may not have known existed. You will feel each & every stage of this inner odyssey in your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual selves. We begin with properly preparing you for your experience of the dimensions by creating a sacred container with the assistance of the Archangels & other high-level beings, allowing in only the purest energies possible. You will be held & nurtured in totally safe & supported realms so you can let go of the thinking mind & drop into your feeling heart. Let’s see how far we can take you on this mystical journey through your inner & outer universes, at least to the 3rd or maybe even the 4th or 5th dimensions. This is about having a solid experience, setting a great foundation for you to repeat the process on your own supporting your enlightenment journey home to becoming Source again. You will be getting a real energetic-sensory connection with your heart’s sacred I AM Presence & feeling your heart as a place of light in the 1st dimension feeling at home in your own body. You will experience yourself as unified, harmonized, coherent energy. Your mental-emotional patterns will mirror this state of inner awareness as you connect with Indra’s Net/2nd dimension & all of the other I AM Presences around you. You will know how supported you truly are. Expanding even more into the 3rd dimension, you will have a true awareness of the massive electromagnetic web of light & feel that ocean of consciousness all the way to the edge of the universe. The main issue this will support people with is learning to trust themselves. When we can truly connect with who we are apart from society’s pressures we begin to remember who we are as eternal beings & how precious, lovable, loving & worthy we are. This could specifically help heal any sense of energetic distortions, impurities, & interference wave patterns that can easily distract us from knowing ourselves beyond daily life experiences. The insight/clarity gained from this will reveal to you an essential step towards enlightenment, which is unbounded awareness of universal self compared with personal self. What are you like without any preferences, attachments, desires or fears? Wouldn't you like to know? Includes a Zoom video recording.

Cancellation Policy

I will happily reschedule your appointment. Life happens!

Contact Details

Victoria, BC, Canada

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