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                Usui Reiki Master,
                 Karuna Reiki


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Teresa K
Winged Star Enlightening Sage,
The Bringer of the Dawn

As a young child Teresa was blessed with a full-on illumination experience of  Unity consciousness that imbued a Mysterious Light of purity in her heart that allows her to connect with the Archangels and use that for healing.

She now helps guide and teach others to find their true illuminated and enlightened beingness.

Teresa is an expert in many fields who weaves together threads of multi-disciplinary  modalities, gathered over decades of teachings and experiences, as guided by spirit.

Incorporating her mastery skills of the Akashic Records, energy work and tarot/oracle card practices (and more) she supports people internationally with finding their path of light, revealing their unique spiritual truth

"Teresa is a highly skilled intuitive.  She has a huge range of abilities & keeps herself current through her many trainings, updates & connections.  He knowledge is extraordinary.  I had a reiki session with Teresa to shift an illness that just wouldn't let go.  Afterwards I got well within a day.  Teresa is a clear channel and has lovely energy.  A session with her is really enjoyable as well as informative.  I recommend her highly. ”​

Karen S, Victoria, BC