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About Teresa K

With uncommon insight and intuition that blows us all away, Teresa K has the profound capacity in working with the Archangels to create an entirely new phenomenon within one's cells.  By removing what is not yours, she'll create space for Grace light to enter and flow through you.  And that will free you to realize your truth and light, so you can live the life you want and deserve, achieving your best and highest potential.  These Illumination/Transfiguration sessions (whole-body aura enlightenment) are profoundly life-changing.


She offers Akashic Record Readings & Healings, Soul Integration, Aura Cleansing and Recalibration, Tarot & Oracle Card Readings & Teachings, Heartmath Training, Angel Healings, Reiki, and Elemental Space Clearings & Blessings, Crystal Therapy and Energetic Transmissions.

She is a sought-after and very popular regular at shows/events/expos where she offers multi-dimensional readings and healings as well as selling tarot and oracle cards, books, crystals and miscellany.  (See her Where to Find Me page).


Teresa has created a mission statement which reads:

To bring to our communities resources that foster and maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being wherever our soul's energies exist, on any plane, dimension, time-space reality.  To expand and harmonize the understanding of our personal truths and the absolute truths of the Divine.  And this supports our abilities to make better-informed life choices for both the microcosm and the macrocosm so that we live in harmonious right relationships with all our relations.

 Believe in yourself!  This could be one of your favourite lives!     

May all beings be happy

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings be well

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